PG gets personal (in a good way)

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User Info: Chzrm3

5 years ago#1
I would normally write more, in a timely fashion as my source has been providing me with updates, however…Omar, Ivan, and the gang at E3 had a really positive, upbeat talk with me over the course of two meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, so we agreed to work together. I’ve always believed in being respectful of everyone. Honoring ties between sources, developers/publishers, and fans. Someone won’t always be happy in having allegiances to all 3 sides, but I do my best.

Some readers online moan and groan, will call you a liar, say you suck, call your sources invalid, etc. but it’s really easy to do that when you’re sitting behind a computer. I have “real” interactions with many people in a few different industries because 1) I’ve been at this for quite a while and 2) I live in Southern California…a place overflowing with talent from different walks of life.

How I meet these people, how I build these relationships out of sources is unique. Anyways, I know I answered a little bit more than what was asked, but of any response that I’ve given so far in this Article…this one right here is probably the most important one I could give. It’s also the one that should probably be read by the millions online that have seen Paul Gale Network attached to a story in some capacity. Why?

Because some people just don’t get it and can’t accept the fact that what I do and the way I do it is for a reason, plain and simple. I’m here to bring fun and entertainment, not any harm. :)

Thanks for asking me your question. It brought out a good amount of what’s been on my mind.

Bolded because he bolded it. ; )

Nice response; Makes me respect the pickles out of him.
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  3. PG gets personal (in a good way)

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