Paul Gale confirms "One more female character that I know of" is already in game

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User Info: ChronoCactaur

5 years ago#11
I really hope Nariko isn't in. We already have Kratos, we don't need a clone just because she's female. Lara Croft would be similar to Drake but not necessarily a clone, since she is more nimble.

User Info: Reevesinator

5 years ago#12
can anyone link me to that character model photo? i can't find it :/
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User Info: AWorldUnited

5 years ago#13
Reevesinator posted...
AWorldUnited posted...

An entire, whopping, incredible, superfantabulous two girls, out of (maybe) 25??????

Welcome to the year 1919. This is as good as it gets!

someone just got salty in two different topics :X

Coincidentally, you and the other poster who you "stand on the same side of the playground" with (his words, not mine) are in here doing your thing, as well.


User Info: Seihyouken

5 years ago#14
Chzrm3 posted...
Xaytrond posted...
That female model looked a lot like Nariko.

I hate to single you out, but I keep saying this and nobody's satisfactorily answered yet;

The model doesn't look like Nariko. Nariko has substantially longer hair and a notably robust bosom. By comparison, the model is almost flat-chested and has short hair.

On top of that, there's a referential picture of Yorda. I've seen 3D artists work. They don't use reference material of completely unrelated subjects to craft models. If he was making a model of Nariko, that'd be a picture of Nariko.

Hair, chest-size, reference picture - all signs point to Yorda. So why do people think this is Nariko?

I'm a bit flabbergasted reading your argument. You're right that the character doesn't look exactly like Nariko, but she looks absolutely nothing like Yorda. Hair length, hair color, skin color, and even height are completely wrong. I have no explanation for why a picture from Ico is also displayed on the computer. It could be completely unrelated especially considering that we know the character designers have pictures and models of characters on their desks. You could argue that it just doesn't look like Yorda because the model is still being created but if you assume that then the model could be literally anybody.

The only thing I am certain of is regardless of whether or not that model is for Yorda, if she is indeed appearing in this game, there is a zero percent chance that it will be as a playable character. She's a character with no fighting or moveset potential whatsoever and just the idea of her fighting goes against everything her character even stands for.

User Info: Lain_Lain

5 years ago#15

Man, I sure hope Yorda is in it now.

I mean, Peach and Zelda weren't fighters before melee... (inb4 "peach in mario 2")

User Info: Bestia_Somnia

5 years ago#16
The hair and skin hasn't even been textured yet, so how can you say that her hair/skin colour isn't the same? Derp

User Info: PunkNeverDies

5 years ago#17
Bayonetta or Amaterasu would be really cool third party choices.

User Info: RocketJess

5 years ago#18
Going from memory because nobody's reposted the pic yet, but I did think it looked reasonably like Yorda. Not perfect, but it was in progress, not a finished model. (I don't know anything about game character modeling, do you start with a generic model and tweak it into the shape you want?) Also her usual appearance colour-wise is rather washed-out since she has a faint glow. Maybe they'll apply that later, or maybe they're just going for a brighter colour scheme altogether. Perhaps a bit of both.

Also, I remember thinking that some of the smaller pictures also onscreen looked like ICO screenshots. Mostly based on colour scheme at that scale, but it seemed plausible.

(And I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I DON'T want to see Yorda in battle, even if she's just paired with Ico - she should be limited to assisting with super attacks. I don't want to have to fight her.)
RocketJess, blasting off again!
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User Info: DarkKinght88

5 years ago#19
Here is the picture:

From what I remember, people are torn between Yorda and Nariko because of Yorda's picture on the computer's monitor and because of the redhead hair.

User Info: boredisboring

5 years ago#20
Hope Kat makes it.

She'd be extremely fun to play and would actually have a interesting unique moveset. I don't want too many gun wielding characters.
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