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User Info: pixel378

5 years ago#1
Notice-The people have spoken, a little robotic rabbit from an obscure ps1 game is wanted more than James Bond.


This topic is meant as a gauge to determine how in touch the developer is with the community in terms of which characters should be in this game and are most relevant/ iconic to the playstation brand. This is a mix of both your opinion in should the selected character be in this game and do you want them in this game.

How it goes
-Im going to select a character at random everyday from here on out to the reveal on the website and probably further. You are more than welcome to suggest a character for the following day but please know I am not tallying suggestions. I am however, now picking the character based off suggestions in the previous thread.
-I want you to give a definitive yes or no answer based on your own opinion.
-I will do the simple math and give you a figure in percentage on the following day as well as the next character.
-Ill keep a log of the most coveted selections and we will see if Superbot gets it right according to us, the consumer, barring all 3rd party conflicts in which a deal could not be made.

Today's character and description
Ellen- Prior to the game, Ellen grew up in an orphanage because her parents died when she was still a young girl. However, she had recently reached a letter from her mother, which came from Doolin. In hopes to find her mother, Ellen ventures to the village. (I have no idea who this character is so I can't give a good description, copy paste from folklore wiki.)

Top ten
Crash Bandicoot-97.1% (34 to 1)
Spyro the dragon-92.85% (39 to 3)
Raziel- 92.30% (36 to 3)
Spike-92.1% (35 to 3)
Rayman- 85.71% (24 to 4)
Wander- 80% (32 to 8)
Dr. Nefarious- 80% (28 to 6)
Sir Dan Fortesque- 78.12% (25 to 7)
Pyramid Head- 77.77% (21 to 6)
Abe (Oddworld) -76.47% (26 to 8)

Best of the rest (70% ^)
King of all Cosmos- 76.47 (13 to 4)
Snake- 75.51% (37 to 12)
Lara Croft- 75% (30 to 10)
Gex- 74.19% (23 to 8)
ICO- 73.91% (17 to 5)
Dart- 73.58% (39 to 14)
Tomba- 73.52% (25 to 9)
Toan- 72% (17 to 8)
Cloud Strife- 70.96% (44 to 18)

The lol pit (Under 70%)
Pipo Ape- 69.56% (16 to 7)
Sora- 68.88% (31 to 14)
Kos-Mos- 65.78% (25 to 13)
Chimera- 62.85% (22 to 13)
klonoa- 55.88% (19 to 15)
Arc- 55% (11 to 9)
Ari&Stan- 52.38% (11 to 10)
Croc- 50% (16 to 16)
Blasto- 44% (11 to 14)
Ezio- 41.66% (10 to 14)
Lightning- 35% (14 to 26)
Robbit- 33.33% (9 to 18)
Paul Phoenix- 29.16% (7 to 17)
James Bond- 15.78% (6 to 32)
Norman Jayden- 6.25% (3 to 18)

Feel free to discuss and suggest with eachother, but please give a yes or no, not a percentage. I will not include any other answer but a yes or no.
MGO- Mr. Detroit

User Info: hajile12

5 years ago#2
Kahu (Jade Cocoon 2)
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User Info: Honzou

5 years ago#3
Yes. :D
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User Info: KagePakkun

5 years ago#4
PSN: EsperKazumi (not the name of my choice, but I share it with a sibling, so...) and KagePakkunX.

User Info: taoxadasa

5 years ago#5
Official Sly Cooper of the PSASBR boards

User Info: Fox0r

5 years ago#6
No. More deserving, iconic characters.
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User Info: nintendoguy91

5 years ago#7

User Info: Reevesinator

5 years ago#8
no, she isn't an all star.
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User Info: G-Locke

5 years ago#9

User Info: Honzou

5 years ago#10
So far the votes are as I expected since people simply want to choose the next "Mario" with meh moves, than a more unique char with potential of being one of the better chars for this game.

Also doesn't help that Ellen's description for this thread is extremely vague.
The All Father has bequeath me the gift of battle. So now I bequeath you my spear through your heart.
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