Which Final Fantasy character will make it in the Roster

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User Info: FreedomXI0A

5 years ago#1
In all i am a huge fan of Final Fantasy XIII but not so huge on VII, bought that game the first day it came out and threw in my yard sale box! But since everyone has wondering IF A FINAL FANTASY CHARACTER APPEARS WHO SHOULD IT BE?

Not to long ago on IMDB Steve Burton was the voice of Noctis for Playstation All Star? Not surprising that he would be the voice actor for Noctis, geeesh i would of been cool if Johnny Yong Bosch could be the voice actor OR EVEN BETTER MARK RUFFALO!!. But they took it down or something? A lot of people like Cloud! Light was in that "Michael" commercial? hmmmmmm couldn't it be possible that we can be getting more then ONE final fantasy character? I mean what about the unspoken characters like Kefka, Squal, and Gilgamesh? Do they even have their chances? I mean if Superbot wanted money they put in multiple characters? Customer satisfaction right there so they profit! Look im not a huge VII fan but i did like Crisis Core but in the end life isn't Burger King you can't have it your way! You can't decide which one you want in the game, THERE IS NO PEOPLE POWER IN THIS UNLESS THE ROCK SAYS SO OR UNLESS STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN SAYS SO! THERE IS NO PEOPLE POWER! hahaha in all it be great if lightning would be in the roster rather than a super sayian wanna emo blonde dude, just kidding i meant Cloud. But it would be better if both were in the game but it's what Superbot wants not what we want.

But in the end all we can do is wait for more news or if your a crazy couch potato gamer you can bring a 600 bags of chips and maybe 1,000 big macs and sit on your feces and keep refreshing Playstaion All Star Battle Royale homepage or if you enjoy working out and stay active in life you can just forget about it and the days will pass by and soon enough you'll have your answer WHICH FINAL FANTASY CHARACTER WILL SHOW IN PLAYSTATION ALL STAR BATTLE ROYALE!

User Info: Yggdrasille

5 years ago#2
Lightning or Cloud.
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User Info: Dragon_Dez

5 years ago#3
I would say either Lightning or Cloud.

User Info: Ratchet_Fan8

5 years ago#4
seph,cloud or lightning...

very doubtful but oh god i hope VIVI is in the game

User Info: sinncross

5 years ago#5
Cloud or Sephiroth.

And please, no Lightning...
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User Info: FreedomXI0A

5 years ago#6
lol all we can do is wait! hahaha but im gonna personally say i want Lightning in this game! she make a good protagonist and finally a lady Nathan drake cant get with ease lol

User Info: 3D3

5 years ago#7
Didn't we just have this topic?
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User Info: abnergoinbig

5 years ago#8
i wouldnt be surprised if its lightning and i wouldnt be surprised if its cloud. If they add sora to the mix then i would be surprised and foaming from the mouth.

User Info: ChronoCactaur

5 years ago#9
I will never understand the fanbase for Final fantasy 13. :/

User Info: BlitzAce9999

5 years ago#10
If they're going for the most popular, at least to me, it'd almost certainly be Cloud. He's probably the most iconic character of the series. As for my favorites, it's between Fang, Lightning, Tidus, Squall, or Yuna.
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