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User Info: chunlifanboy

5 years ago#1
that is who we need

User Info: Kaizokou

5 years ago#2
I now declare my love for you because you remembered the main character of one of the most classic games there was for the Playstation. And also for the brilliant idea of including him in the roster of characters.
In the name of Happy, I say - "Aye Sir!"

User Info: blaze19_0X

5 years ago#3
Great unique character with tons of personality.

However, realistically he's not getting in. Isn't the Studio he was developed in (who also developed Xenosauga and Xenoblade) now owned by Nintendo?
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User Info: Kaizokou

5 years ago#4
Hmm. Not sure of the developer situation thing, but I do understand the reality of him actually making it in the game. He may be a bit too obscure for everyone to know and has too low of a chance to even be considered if at all. But still, it wouldn't hurt to hope that he's in there. He would definitely be a very interesting character to be added into the game.
In the name of Happy, I say - "Aye Sir!"

User Info: diebuster2

5 years ago#5
Definitely want him as a big Xenogears fanboy myself. But the chances are pretty low indeed considering the developers are now owned by Nintendo.
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User Info: chunlifanboy

5 years ago#6
citan uzuki is who i really want he is my favorite

User Info: SAGE_HAN

5 years ago#7
The most complex and versatile rpg character that exist. He has many defend special arts, can summon his gear weltall, and transform into ID who is the most awesome villian character next to Grahf from the same game.

his normal specials can be different special arts.

super 1- fireball barrage ( final special art)
super 2- ID transformation
super 3- Xenogear ( I prefer Weltall-2, but yeah)

also would like to say that xenogears has the best cast of characters in a game ever. How the manage to develop so many is amazing. Not just the characters you play with either.

my favorite game without a second thought about it.

User Info: emo_angel11

5 years ago#8
playing xenogears right now
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