Enough with Cloud and Lightning

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User Info: kupo1705

5 years ago#11
Gilgamesh has appeared in 10 (or 12) Playstation games.
4 (or 5) of these are exclusives and that's not counting exclusive remakes.

Plus, they'll be able to include Clash on the Big Bridge.

User Info: skinnykartman

5 years ago#12
kupo1705 posted...
skinnykartman posted...
at this point idc who we get as long as we get SOMEONE to rep final fantasy

Be careful what you wish for.
We might get Lightning.

like i said i don't care who we get i never played FF13 so i don't know anything about lightning i loved FF7 but at this point i'll be satisfied with just about anyone from FF

User Info: Jmandal

5 years ago#13
All the people hating on lightning just makes me want her to get in even more.
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User Info: ZEOPOWER6

5 years ago#14
I don't see why people are bickering about it anyway. They would essentially play in similar styles with magic/maybe summons/sword skills (regarding Cloud and Lightning anyway) and seeing as how they seem to be going with a one-per-property limit at the moment, Lightning or Cloud seem most likely. Anyone else just seems odd unless they pull a weird move and use Sephiroth instead.

User Info: JunpeiHermes

5 years ago#15
kupo1705 posted...
No, it needs to be Vivi.
There is no other option.

Except for Gilgamesh.

I would love Vivi to be in
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User Info: ss4parrothair

5 years ago#16
Cid Highwind.
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