If Gamescom gets 3-4 characters....

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User Info: Chzrm3

5 years ago#1
That probably means they aren't announcing anything for the rest of August, right? Since when they had EVO and Comicon back to back, they did two reveals at each event.

I'm more than happy with this since 3-4 reveals at Gamescom will be soooo sick. : D Just wondering if anyone had heard anything else about other plans.
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5 years ago#2
I think I know why.

With the estimated roster size being 24 and 12 already revealed, that leaves 12 more to be revealed during events. 2 characters are revealed per event. That would mean that they would have to go to 6 more events to reveal everyone.

What probably happened is they ran out of events, or can't attend 6 events, or whatever. So they're closing the gap a little by revealing more with this one event.
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User Info: TheFallenKnight

5 years ago#3
No plans that we heard of yet. Gamescom is the only one confirmed. There is still PAX... but who knows if they will even go there? We'll see though, don't worry. :) In any case, 3-4 reveals is awesome, but let's hope they ARE awesome.
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User Info: -TheFranchise-

5 years ago#4
Gamescom (August 15 - 19)
PAX (August 31 - Sept. 2)
Tokyo Gameshow (Sept. 20 - 23)
Eurogamer Expo (Sept. 27 - 30)
NYC Comic Con (October 11 - 14)

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  3. If Gamescom gets 3-4 characters....

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