gulps who is Dart?

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User Info: bleach209

5 years ago#1
is he from the ps1 era??
also i really hope spike is in this
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User Info: Ghantz

5 years ago#2
He's from The Legend of Dragoon. A very respected RPG during the PS1 era. Compared to Final Fantasy n such, some even prefer it to Final Fantasy.

User Info: diebuster2

5 years ago#3
Dude Protagonist from The Legend of Dragoon. Like said before, it's a great JRPG alongside being exclusively made by Sony from the PS1 era. Personally, I'd rather have Rose, who is the most important heroine in the game, instead of Dart but I welcome either one.
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User Info: Pale_Heart

5 years ago#4
Dart is the protagonist from a game called The Legend of Dragoon. The game got too much comparison with Final Fantasy but a phenomenal game on its own right. I prefer Rose as well, since she's the second most important character in the game (plus, she's female and we need more female in PSASBR)

User Info: JablesX

5 years ago#5
Lavitz should get in before either of them
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User Info: TheOpen

5 years ago#6
The protagonist in a game that's the poor man's Final Fantasy VII. Still a good game though; worth playing.
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User Info: ChronoCactaur

5 years ago#7
JablesX posted...
Lavitz should get in before either of them

I wish. He probaly would be a contender if it wasen't for the events of Disc 1 & 4... :(
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User Info: JCChrono

5 years ago#8
JablesX posted...
Lavitz should get in before either of them

I was hoping for Albert. Lancers are awesome. But I'd settle for Lavitz.

User Info: Quill_Rat

5 years ago#9
TheOpen posted...
The protagonist in a game that's the poor man's Final Fantasy VII. Still a good game though; worth playing.

The "additions" battle system in LoD is great and unique in its own way, but not nearly as complex or extensive as the materia system in FFVII. Also, LoD has some good side quests, but nothing on the scale of chocobo breeding or the gold saucer.

On the other hand, the depth of the story, the details in the history, and the character development in LoD is far superior IMO. My favorite storyline in a game, ever. And I have played scores of RPGs.

On topic: Awesome that Dart gets in. I am actually surprised because LoD was so much over-shadowed by FFVII and other FFs.

User Info: zombie_bait

5 years ago#10
If you like JRPGs then I recommend you buy it. It's a great game and it's only like $6 on PSN. The addition combat system makes the combat a lot more engaging and stimulating than most other JRPGs from its time and it holds up well. The characters are great too. I've never played a JRPG that has made me care so much about the characters, Lavitz especially.

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