I might get flamed for this but....

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  3. I might get flamed for this but....

User Info: Xaldin0011

5 years ago#11
I would perfer Xaldin, as the most fitting representative of Kingdom Hearts.

Not that I'm biased or anything.
"Xaldin is a prophet." - lamerhater
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User Info: G-Scythe

5 years ago#12
I want either King Mickey or Epic Mickey in Smash Bros.
This, I would prefer Sora and/or Riku
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User Info: devotedislamfan

5 years ago#13
Yes King Mickey would be good but I doubt there will be KH due to disney. Sorry KH fans.
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User Info: Tinman312

5 years ago#14
Id Like AC cloud as an alt costume and his FVII one as his main

User Info: AndKevinBacon

5 years ago#15
Mickey, Donald, and Goofy would all be better than Sora. I just don't like Sora.
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User Info: DrRockso87

5 years ago#16
Actually, that would be pretty cool. I support the idea. Hell, I'd pay for DLC with King Mickey if they offered. :P

User Info: narutoboy555

5 years ago#17
well this is what i think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n5E7feJHw0

User Info: NameBrandj

5 years ago#18
I want Monkey from timesplitters!
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  3. I might get flamed for this but....

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