Guitar Hero character???

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User Info: Swaggamer9000

5 years ago#1
I dont necessarily want a guitar hero character but if they are planning on putting any "joke" characters in this game, this would be the way to go.. I hate joke characters anyway.
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User Info: NewMoonShadow

5 years ago#2
I'd expect a Guitar Hero stage if anything, and that's only if third-party franchises are eligible to get stages without representing characters.

Though the fact that I'd love to see Judy Nails playable is well-documented, I don't EXPECT it by any means.

User Info: JV571

5 years ago#3
If we're going to have a guitar user, it should be Eddie Riggs.
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User Info: JunpeiHermes

5 years ago#4
JV571 posted...
If we're going to have a guitar user, it should be Eddie Riggs.
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User Info: TheFallenKnight

5 years ago#5
Stage yes... Character? Do not want.
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User Info: sonic777

5 years ago#6
The original Guitar Hero was a PS exclusive, so any character from that game could theoretically be possible.

Also, don't underestimate the Star Power attacks some of them did.

Grim Ripper, for example. :P

Actually, that'd make a really cool stage hazard. As the band plays, the SP meter rises, and the lead guitarist attacks with his/her Star Power.

User Info: rammtay

5 years ago#7
If we get a guitar player, i'd rather it be Lammy or Gitaroo man. But if it has to be GH, then probably that metal head guy from the first game.

User Info: VaultDweller15

5 years ago#8
I suggested this before and I personally think GH is one of the most important series (or it used to be anyway) on the playstation and its never talked about on these boards. First off, it was a PS exclusive and is usually associated with the PS brand. Secondly, its one of the most iconic games even outside the industry. Third, Omar has worked on the GH series before. I may be a bit over exaggerating when I say that Omar is similar to Sakurai's position in this game (Sakurai can basically do whatever he feels, while Omar is more so following Sony's orders) but I feel this reason is pretty big.

Yea, putting a GH character instead of Eddie Riggs feels kinda like a missed opportunity, but I feel like GH is just more of a PS allstar kinda game. A stage or an item would be awesome. Doesn't Activision own GH? If Crash and Spyro get in, this has a very high chance of making an appearance imo.
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User Info: Swashy35

5 years ago#9
FOOL a guitar hero character will just make the game glitchy. sorry FANBOYS

User Info: RocketJess

5 years ago#10
Swashy35 posted...
FOOL a guitar hero character will just make the game glitchy. sorry FANBOYS

Just wondering, what's your definition of "glitchy"? Because it means the actual computer program has an error causing technical problems (ie. "glitches"). If you think it's just another word for "awful" (which nobody else would interpret that way), your posts make a lot more sense. Your opinions are still not fact, but at least they won't defy logic.
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