Why the hate?

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User Info: TacoBeefCow

5 years ago#1
I don't see why people find it necessary to hate on Sony for "copying" Smash... Okay, yeah the game has a similar style of gameplay, but keep an open mind. It's like saying Pepsi-Cola is just "copying" Coca-Cola because they are both Cola drinks. (And for you Pepsi fanboys/girls out there, Pepsi DID in fact come out after Coke.) Keep the hate on your own board. Smash fans stay on your Smash board, and PSA fans stay here. (And for the record, I am a HUGE Smash fan, and I think this game looks AWESOME! I must be the weird one because I think both games are/are going to be good..)

User Info: SilverShadow881

5 years ago#2
Hate and haters will always exits.

Isaac Clarke would be a killer in Playstation All-stars

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