Tomb Raider stage

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User Info: miniyoshi95

5 years ago#1
Now, if Lara Croft isn't in this game, which she probably won't be, then i really hope we have a Tomb Raider stage. Here's an idea for one; we play in Croft Manor and about half way through the match it begins to burn down, like it does at the start of Underworld.
There will be 26 characters in PSASBR. I called it.
I also think Sir Dan and Robbit will be in it.

User Info: toastiestcoopa

5 years ago#2
thing is if they cant get the rights to include a character, then they arent gonna get the rights to the stage either, but either way an egyptian tomb themed stage would be cool
Gotta love internet democracy, where opinion=fact & im right and your wrong.
We need Sir Dan for PSASBR

User Info: G-Scythe

5 years ago#3
If Lara Croft devs refuse to let her be playable in this game, then why would they be cool with a stage
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