Proof that character "leak" is a fake.

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User Info: rumbalumba

5 years ago#61
koopabros64 posted...
From: rumbalumba | #052
koopabros64 posted...

You're the only person I've heard this from. Besides, if this was the case then why would people be complaining about the Dante design?

because people use logic?

1) Big Daddy. Bioshock Infinite will come with the first Bioshock game in one Bluray disc. Bioshock Infinite will have Move Support. There is also a Bioshock project for Vita. all of these announced at none other than the biggest gaming convention, E3, last year.

2) Raiden. Metal Gear Rising is coming out in a few months.

3) That leaves us with Dante. if you were to deduce which design they're gonna use given the choices that SuperBot made with this game, do you really think they'd give us Old Dante?

it's all deduction and making sense of what realistically is happening. Or are you actually telling me Big Daddy is there because Omar said "he's awesome"? out of all iconic characters like Cloud, Spyro, Crash, Alucard, Megaman, Pacman, etc. from 17 years of Playstation history...Big Daddy? come on.

It's not up to Superbot what third party characters they'll be able to use, or on what terms they can use a character. It would be up to Capcom on whether or not they wanted Superbot to use the new Dante. It's entirely possible, but it seems like an odd time to start advertising him. They had an opportunity to do so in MvC3 (where they didn't even use him as an alt) and in Project x Zone, but they chose to stick with the old Dante. Why the sudden change of heart?

LMAO why are you asking me that?

besides, MvC3 is big worldwide. and you know what? Don'te is so hated in Japan. PS All Stars, as most of the people here argue, is made by Western devs for a Western audience. that's the exact opposite of MvC3. in case you don't know, arcades are still big in Japan. as big as consoles are. the rage of having Don'te in MvC3 would exponentially be bigger as it is not only available on consoles, but also on handhelds and arcades. it is much far-reaching than All Stars.

ALSO, MvC3 was released early 2011. that's over a year ago. meanwhile, DmC will get released on January, All Stars on late October. that's 2-3 months apart. perfect opportunity. that, against a game that will be two years old when DmC will be released.

with Project X Zone, it might not even come to the west, so why would they use Don'te?

User Info: rumbalumba

5 years ago#62
tlcstormz posted...
Geos59 posted...
All I'm asking if I can SEE the moveset, hacked files etc.

A video, a picture; something.

LOOK FOR YOURSELF! What in the world.....?

You would spend HOURS putting together that "evidence" of yours, won't spend 30 seconds using the searchbar on this forum?????


this. you spend so much time searching for pics and using Paint and Photoshop, yet you refuse to find ways to decrypt the beta yourself? lulz.

if you can't find the files you're looking for, try harder. the files are already there and aren't going to run away. someone even helped you get started, even posting the file (that i shortened to a link, btw) and giving you instructions.

stop spoonfeeding this guy. go find the files yourselves. I did and i helped some people here who wanted to find the files themselves.

why didn't i help you? because you go creating threads you have no idea about, claiming we got it all wrong and you're right, and on top of that, you demand us to feed you evidence?

puhlease. we don't owe you any explanation.

User Info: Geos59

5 years ago#63
You know what; I think I'm gonna just wait for the guy here:

to "hack" and find out everything.

I'm going to close this thread as there seems to be no point in having it now.

I don't regret making this thread, I don't regret questioning sources either.

I'll wait and see for either the official announcement from Superbot, OR the official proof I've been waiting for from the guy who hacked the beta.

I'll never regret questioning sources. EVER.
Magic Man! :3
It's not the great who are strong, it's the strong who are great!
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  3. Proof that character "leak" is a fake.

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