C/D Kat supporters are a silent majority.

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User Info: Gamenamebully

5 years ago#11
Thunder_Armor posted...
BigKrik posted...

1. Vita sales are poor. There can't be THAT many people wanting her if the Vita sales says otherwise.

This game is supposed to represent PlayStation history. Vita is the current handheld, thus a major part of PlayStation history even if it's not doing outstanding.

2. There is nothing special about Gravity Rush. Sure it's the highest rated Vita game out but I bet in a few month's that'll disappear and it'll just be another vita game people will forget.

You have obviously not played the game.

3. The fact that they grasp at so many draws. That "blurry" picture of "Kat" is more than likely Sir Dan.

I can see both Kat and Sir Dan. I would not be surprised if either or both are announced at Gamescom.

4. How can someone who is too new to be in this game? I am asking that.


5. The casual gamer don't even know her.

That would be why you put her into the game.

6. She won't bring anything new to the table gameplay wise.


7. Is she even appealing to gamer's eyes? For eye candy yes but why do you think there are more "badass" characters in the game than "cute and goofy characters"? Sure the cute/goofy characters like Toro have a reason to be in the game but not Kat. She's nothing but eye candy.

Refer to number 5. Plus the roster needs diversity. And she isn't "nothing but eye candy", even more evidence you have not played Gravity Rush.

8. She isn't a very marketable character. :/. Pointing to #5, would ANY casual gamer be interested in her if they don't know about her? I doubt it.

Marth and Roy. They were not known in the US (or the West at all for that matter) when they were in Melee. Melee brought the Fire Emblem series over to the West. Players who own a Vita will likely recognize her, so it's not like she's totally unheard of.

If anything, Kat is the "Geno" of PASBR.

That would imply she has no chance whatsoever, which is untrue.

I am just pointing this out :\.

You obviously don't like the character and you're letting your bias get in the way of legitimate thinking. Kat makes a lot of sense for this game, none of your points are going to sway anybody otherwise.

You do realize this is a parody topic of Khans topic?
The Only Sane Gamer.
PSN Name: Gamenamebully

User Info: Trigger_Monkey

5 years ago#12
D. Horny Fanboys do not make a majority.
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User Info: Thunder_Armor

5 years ago#13
y_not_zoidy posted...

If you actually believed him, I will have just lost 20% faith in humanity.

Lose faith in humanity all you want, I don't come to this board much so you can't expect me to know a joke topic from a TC who's serious. There are people on this site dumb enough to believe what was posted in the OP.
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  3. C/D Kat supporters are a silent majority.

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