If Dart isn't in this game, why not?

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  3. If Dart isn't in this game, why not?

User Info: dawnset

5 years ago#21
Legend of Dragoon is like the Dark Cloud series. Hidden golden gems, but were pushed into the darkness.
It is time to unleash the Wrightness
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User Info: Eurashal

5 years ago#22
Ludacris01 posted...
ArmedDragoon posted...
reptyle101 posted...
Most beloved? Everyone forgot about it until a couple months after this game was announced. It was also a blatant FFVII rip-off among other things and had no original content.

You absolutely have to be trolling.

No he's right about the people forgetting part

When was the last time anyone talked about that game before All Stars was announced?

Well there was a vocal minority continuously asking about it's PSN release.
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5 years ago#23
Arken101 posted...
reptyle101 posted...
He's from a one-off RPG that wasn't very good.

You are dead to me.


User Info: SpArDa_GoD07

5 years ago#24
If they don' put in Dart as DLC or something, I will raaaage :(
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User Info: ZEOPOWER6

5 years ago#25
Wow, people don't know who Dart is? Get educated.
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  3. If Dart isn't in this game, why not?

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