I'm dissapointed with Dante's new look.

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  3. I'm dissapointed with Dante's new look.

User Info: Charactdurr

5 years ago#1
Ever since Devil May Cry 3's first level, I was hoping Capcom would redesign him as a ninja turtle.

User Info: diebuster2

5 years ago#2
Yeah I'm disappointed with his new look too. Why not go the extra mile and make him look like Edward from Twilight?
"It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines you"
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User Info: babiesinoup

5 years ago#3
A ninja turtle definitely would have been the logical step after DMC4. I mean what the hell was Capcom thinking!?
You don't want to know where the babies come from.....

User Info: LiamOAsura

5 years ago#4

User Info: Mister_Zurkon

5 years ago#5
How dare you compare TMNT to that Crapsack DMC 3 version!

Donatello takes dumps that are better characters than him!
I prefer Genaro's. But what do I know? I'm a bear. I suck the heads off fish! - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

User Info: HybridMagnumRed

5 years ago#6
Level 31, can't out you as a noob account if you don't have one. D:
What the the old me did or said is of no importance to me. I've left that in the past.
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  3. I'm dissapointed with Dante's new look.

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