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User Info: ninjabay

5 years ago#11
nintendoguy91 posted...
10/10 back in dem dayz
0/10 now

this pretty much

i loved the first few games but after the ps1 era the games started sucking
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User Info: taoxadasa

5 years ago#12
The original trilogy was amazing, especially 2 and Warped.

CTR is still my favorite Kart racing game ever.

I really liked Bash as well, it was fun and had great music.

The next gen games (WoC, CNK, Twinsanity, CTTR) were average. They weren't bad, but they weren't that great either.

I did think that Twinsanity was the best out of those games, and I enjoyed that one the most after the PS1 games.

I haven't played CotT or MoM, but I don't think I would like them very much because of all the massive changes they did to gameplay and characters. I'm sure they aren't terrible games though.
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User Info: rammtay

5 years ago#13
1 - 6/10
2 - 9/10
3 - 10/10
CTR - 10/10
Bash - 6/10
WoC - 7/10
Twinsanity - 6/10
Nitro Kart - 7/10
Haven't played much of the others, but what I did play, they were pretty terrible.

User Info: lennethsoki

5 years ago#14
wutupdawg224 posted...
Just out of curiosity what's your opinion on the Spyro series?

I'll do it in the same format:

Back then - 5/10
Now - 8.5/10, MAYBE a 9

I used to play the Crash games much more than Spyro. Heck, I never beat any of the original Spyro games when I was a kid despite being a bigger Spyro fan. Going through them recently, they hold up surprisingly well. Now, I don't mind linear games. Heck, I love the Legacy of Kain games (Blood Omen's not linear, but the rest are fairly so), the Legend of Spyro games (The third is much more open-ended), and even enjoyed FFXIII despite it being pretty meh in retrospect.

The open-ended nature of the Spyro games, especially with the missions and collectibles introduced in the second and third games, gave a very complete feel. It helped that the soundtracks were good, catchy, and diverse and each world was equally different. I loved the characters as well. The little touches like how each world was very personalized, from enemies to its residents, were nice as well.

Much like the Crash series, I would say that the first game was the weakest of the bunch. Even then, the first Spyro beats the first Crash out for good, responsive controls and level/music diversity.
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User Info: LieutenantDruid

5 years ago#15
Crash 1- 6/10
Crash 2- 10/10
Crash 3- 10/10
CTR- 10/10
Bash- 6/10
WOC- 5/10
CNK- 6/10
Twinsanity- 7/10
CTTR- 5/10

After that point, I gave up on the series, save for Crash, Boom, Bang! ...... which isn't even worthy of a rating.

User Info: Traptin3days

5 years ago#16
nintendoguy91 posted...
10/10 back in dem dayz
0/10 now
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