Best player you've encountered?

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User Info: kratosandzelos

5 years ago#31
I never really pay attention tbh. Besides, FFA scores don't matter period. Good players though are the ones who are trying to come up with new tech and combos during the beta, not if they win or not. I've seen lots of players who do a lot of really clever things, are smart with rolls and dodging and grabs who do long combo strings and keep attempting to do more, yet they get 4th, conversely, I've seen spamming Sweet Tooths and Slys and Parappas, the whole beta cast, win just because they spam the same moves in a laggy online free for all and capitilize on the chaos of it. Doesn't mean they're good. Best player I encountered though was my friend Dabuz who was frame trapping with FP and doing some great stuff with her though.
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User Info: 3D3

5 years ago#33
D-Squad3 hands down.
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User Info: DarkECOJak

5 years ago#34
rumbalumba posted...
since the beta has been going on for quite some time, there's probably people you've encountered more than once.

as for me, best player is myself. (i'm the Rod Sly). other than me, close second is ReesePiece (sic). i think we've formed a rivalry. everytime we're on the same match we just concentrate on killing one another.

there's other people here that i saw on the beta as well.

If playing Smash Bros has taught me anything, people who usually claim they are the best are some of the worst players I've ever had the misfortune of playing against.
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User Info: Libs368

5 years ago#35
I play as fat princess, and have routinely creamed every single one of you on a regular basis contrary to what anybody may say.

I'm 'that guy' who gets 20+ points a match with fat princess.
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