Kevin Butler is dead

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User Info: ravenblazer2

5 years ago#1

Not really but they wiped all his videos.

User Info: Nike_Air

5 years ago#2
The plot thickens.

User Info: ravenblazer2

5 years ago#3
and his soul is in a toy.

User Info: ZeroGravity38

5 years ago#4
Polygon man killed the videos now kevin butler has to stop him. here comes a new challenger. Kevin Butler.
PSN: ZeroGravity38
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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

5 years ago#5
Kevin was one of the best things that Sony had in their advertising campaign. They were stupid to let him go so easily. I guess that they're too busy wasting money on gimmicks like 3D that they'll half-ass their support on until they forget about it and quickly move on to the next gimmick.

R.I.P. Sony

User Info: ravenblazer2

5 years ago#6
More proof


User Info: kupo1705_v2

5 years ago#7
Kevin Butler
RIP in peace

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