Do you know what happen to this board?

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User Info: IcyFlamez96

4 years ago#11
_The_Hitcher_ posted...
I'm preparing for a stream of people complaining about the kill system without knowing why.

We need to think of a plan for them....
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User Info: aperfectorestes

4 years ago#12
Someone needs to make a sticky FAQ topic now!

...ya know... one that all of those people will ignore and ask repetitive questions anyway lol
blackplastic232: "Maybe they hate it because "popular music" tends to be a genre that a lot of people arn't fond of."

User Info: seth_sage12300

4 years ago#13
majora999 posted...
Worse, it's gonna explode twice.

Can you do that? Can you explode twice?
Long live the Cole master race.
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User Info: sidal714

4 years ago#14
it's gonna be World War 3 on this board whatever the outcome

User Info: Tobi011

4 years ago#15
From: ChrisObama | #007
Its so f****ing stupid to buy a game you have no interest in all because a final fantasy guy made it in. Honestly thats like 60 bucks down the drain.

I personally find it even more stupid if they all cancel their order just because some chick made it in.
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  3. Do you know what happen to this board?

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