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User Info: Ragiroth

5 years ago#11
The one with Raziel and Alucard.

While I want Kat the most, Raziel I want as well and Alucard would be awesome to. Dart seems kinda cool to. And in the pack with Kat I really don't care about Lu Bu and Sora. Now if it was Riku I'd be all over that.

User Info: MrTaco

5 years ago#12
Ezio, Chimera, Pyramid Head and Wesker. Interesting characters and powerful villains.

User Info: Slaughterhouze2

5 years ago#13
Switch Sora and Big Boss, and i'll pay up to $9.99 for pack #1.
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User Info: UltimaXOmega

5 years ago#14
The one with Sora because I want him slightly more than Cloud.
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User Info: pixel378

5 years ago#15
Tomba, Gex, Rayman, and ty.

Don't want Ty but not bad. Abe should be in this pack.
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User Info: Flownaway86

5 years ago#16
Poll doesn't make sense with that first option, it is pretty obvious which one is going to be the most voted out.

I voted for the second option, need Kat.

I would do something like: Sora, Kat, Crash and Spyro.

User Info: Defyingthelaw

5 years ago#17
None they should have been in the game from the beginning. Paying extra for characters that should have been there is tacky and a ploy to get more cash out of people.

User Info: grzajabarkus

5 years ago#18
Retroxgamer0 posted...
that choice is too easy

For real...you only put the top 4 most wanted in the same dlc pack. You should of spread everyone around.

User Info: Calibuhrr

5 years ago#19
Crash, Cloud, Dart and Sora I would pay 20 for
not kidding

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