Superbot... You disappoint.

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User Info: Calibuhrr

4 years ago#1
Well guys, 20 characters CONFIRMED by Omar. What the hell Superbot. Really? Now I've been looking forward to this game since it was leaked as Title Fight last year. But Superbot, you couldn't even put in WANDER which is even from a Sony studio. You didn't even put Nathan Hale or a chimera... and you even talked with Insomiac. There could of also been a ton of more first party characters, AND WHERES THE RPG LOVE? You could of put Dart in. He's first party, and you would of been repping another PS1 character, and RPG fans would have been happy. Also, no unlockables? Unlockable characters keep the game alive and are fun to unlock. Call me weird, but sometimes I delete my character data in Smash Bros just because I find it so fun to unlock them. Not even having unlockables just crossed the line for me. That will make the game boring so much more fast. But DLC is a "maybe"? WTF guys. Seriously? I'm still buying the game and I'm excited but really, they could of chose a better director than Omar (he made some crap games in his past) or an experienced development team for this game. A game this big and important for Playstation fans should not be built by a bunch of noobs who can't hype for S***, it needs to be made by a good development team, with a director with tons of experience and one that has made great games in the past.
You disappoint Superbot. I'm really expecting better of you guys of you do come back. You better give us free DLC for all this bulls*** too, because I sure as hell don't want to pay for someone that you guys couldn't even put in in the first place.
Please don't screw the rest of this game up. I have a lot of hope for bonus content and this free roam mode that was leaked too. Please show that off soon if you actually want some more hype. Because right now, there is no hype.
- Big Boss

User Info: boy_luck

4 years ago#2
Pure Sugar and Ice Cream On Me!
Nathan Drake = manly beauty embodied!

User Info: legendofskyland

4 years ago#3

User Info: 61degrees

4 years ago#4
yeah 20 characters confirmed.
just like at the start, 5 characters were confirmed, then 10 or whatever.. so now 20.
we knew that already lol

User Info: StormBlitz

4 years ago#5
No Lightning, no buy.
Elena Fisher > Lightning > Tomba, Abe, Ty and Vivi

User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#6
legendofskyland posted...
One who knows nothing can understand nothing - GamerTag: wwinterj/PSN wwinterj

User Info: Calibuhrr

4 years ago#7
StormBlitz posted...
No Lightning, no buy.

I like Cloud a lot more than Lightning, but I don't really care who would have gotten in I just wanted one FF rep

User Info: diebuster2

4 years ago#8
A lot of sheep around the board worshipping their incompetent shephead Superbot. Best not to flock to them.
"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain" - Harvey Dent.

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