How many of these characters are actually "All-Stars"? Honestly.

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  3. How many of these characters are actually "All-Stars"? Honestly.

User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#51
Let's see here my Non-PLAYSTATION All-Stars would be

Dino (Specifically Dino not Dante)
Raiden (Specifically MGR Raiden not MGS2 Raiden)
Fat Princess (Not that memorable and didn't eve know who she was)
Nariko (Her game wasn't popular enough and not many ppl knew her or remembered her)
Big Daddy (Started out on the 360 and is HIGHLY known in the MS franchise)

I believe everyone else belongs in this game and are true all-stars in my eyes. Just in case I'll give my definition of a PS-Allstar

PS All-Star - A character that made a big splash on the PS franchise. They literally make the PS brand what it is today. This could mean they became popular on the system or that they are deemed a PS character by the fans. They could also be nostalgia characters (Ex: Parappa, Sir Dan) that are remembered being a part of PS.

My listed characters don't have any of that.

User Info: AmaboKcorb

4 years ago#52
Oh no doubt they're all playstation all stars.
But the TC asked if they were just "All-Stars".
And in my opinion none of them are.

User Info: RocketJess

4 years ago#53
Ultrachao posted...
...If you count certain sources you could argue Sonic has siblings too. But that would be stupid. (Nobody cared about Sonic Underground, and nobody ever will)

But.... but I liked Sonic Underground! ;_; Well, I don't know if I'd like it now, but I did at the time...
RocketJess, blasting off again!
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#54
13/20 would be considered all-stars
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User Info: CodytheHero

4 years ago#55
From: Heazie | #050
Honestly, VERY few would be considered that in my eyes and I have to believe in many others.

Then you aren't really a PlayStation fan, which makes your opinion irrelavant anyway.
Previously known as fallenxlionheart

User Info: nemesiskite55

4 years ago#56
AmaboKcorb posted...
I think Sackboy is the only one who's close to being an all star.
He's the closest thing to a mascot Sony has right now.

Uh, Toro is Sony's actual mascot. Hence his presence.

But I will agree if you said Sackboy is the PS3 mascot.

And to people comparing PS all stars to Nintendo all stars, it's quite ridiculous, since Nintendo have been reusing the exact same characters since the 80s. They've had few original ideas, thus spawning like 10 franchises of 17 games each, as opposed to Sony, which has been a gaming company since the 90s, with myriad series of only a relative few installments.
Basically Nintendo doesn't have all-stars because they can't think of new, worthwhile characters other than the first ones they conceived. And Sony is better in general, my reason for the statement being simply that I own Playstations
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User Info: J-Don-Bonne

4 years ago#57
Pretty much everyone but Big Daddy and Dante.

Big Daddy is an All-Star... but not so much PS. And Dante is an all star in moveset, but not in presence...

If you don't know anyone else's popularity... well... yeah, too bad.
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User Info: Defyingthelaw

4 years ago#58
Nathan Drake is definitely an All Star. Uncharted 2 and 3 have so much freaking acclaim it could be ridiculous.. if they weren't deserving of such acclaim. Which they are.
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  3. How many of these characters are actually "All-Stars"? Honestly.

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