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User Info: TheNardDog

5 years ago#41
On the day this comes out someone come make a topic planning for online fights between us. Don't do it now, half of us will forget.
If people can go past, can they also go future?
Oh yeah, Crash for PSASBR, now.

User Info: paperwarior

5 years ago#42
Yeah, I haven't preordered yet, but I trust this to be pretty good. Despite popular opinion.
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User Info: Darknessbeast10

5 years ago#43
paperwarior posted...
Yeah, I haven't preordered yet, but I trust this to be pretty good. Despite Ignorant opinion.
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User Info: LuminescentRule

5 years ago#44
I guess all the people who preordered the game is posting in this topic.

User Info: babiesinoup

5 years ago#45
le *signs* faec
You don't want to know where the babies come from.....

User Info: Trigger_Monkey

5 years ago#46
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User Info: OrcGoblin

5 years ago#47
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