This roster is seriously lacking in villains.

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  3. This roster is seriously lacking in villains.

User Info: rumbalumba

5 years ago#41
it's severely lacking in characters, let alone villains.

User Info: diebuster2

5 years ago#42
rumbalumba posted...
it's severely lacking in characters, let alone villains.

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain" - Harvey Dent.

User Info: NewMoonShadow

5 years ago#43
majora999 posted...
NewMoonShadow posted...
da1on2 posted...
I believe the word the OP was looking for was antagonists. The game has villains. It's antagonist characters it lacks.

With a 1-character-per-franchise rule in effect there was pretty much no way an antagonist was getting in before the star of any given game would. That just seems like common sense logic.

Redec and Big Daddy being exceptions because the Killzone and Bioshock protagonists were wooden pieces of meat.

/sigh There was NO such rule. That is an assumption by the fanbase because Paul Gale said the roster "wouldn't be clogged with a bunch of characters from one franchise". True, they only did one per franchise, but that doesn't mean there was a "rule" in place, they could've if they wanted.

That goes without saying, but if 1 per franchise was what they wanted to do then it was as good as a rule, which means no antagonist was ever going to get in over their game's protagonist except in a few specific instances where the Protagonist didn't even have a face.

User Info: LordRattergun

5 years ago#44
Reboot Dante is a villain to the fanbase. He counts.
Rattergun, you are truly a hero for our times. - Recoome_is_god

User Info: _NeroZero_

5 years ago#45
Kratos is not exactly a *villain*... He just kills people. He's really a Good hero.

Be kind to people.They're outnumbering you from 8 billion to one.
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User Info: kingcam07

5 years ago#46
caffiend7 posted...
kingcam07 posted...
geneocide posted...
kingcam07 posted...
Kratos isn't a villain and I think the ending makes that pretty clear. The Gods were villains because they hid hope from the world, Kratos killed the Gods and released hope. He's an antihero. The only game in which it's debatable whether he's the hero or not is the second one, and he was clearly slighted by Zeus after doing what he was supposed to. (you know, war)

Sweet Tooth is a villain

Big Daddy's aren't villains at all. They protect Little Sisters and are more of obstacles for the player, but they aren't hostile if you aren't screwing with the Little Sisters.

Heihachi is a villain, an awesome one though.

Evil Cole is tough, I think he could be categorized as a Villainous hero, but I don't feel like his story is as completely evil as we're supposed to view it. You have to be pretty naughty to get any given evil ending though, so I think he counts.

I don't think Radec is a villain, just a soldier trying to protect his world by any means.

I believe kratos is a villain.

Evil Cole is a villain... He wanted to force evolve the world. Most people in stories see that as evil. He was only saving 1 in every 1000....

Radec was evil... Theres no 2 ways around it....

I'm just gonna disagree with you on Kratos.

I don't think saving the 1 in 1000 necessarily makes one a villain or really evil, it just shows that they value their group more than they do everyone else. It's an honest response.

How is Radec evil, I don't see it at all.

Radec killed Jan, nuff said

Completely irrelevant in a game where you play as a soldier and get trophies for every hundred or so men you kill.
psn ID: kingcam07

User Info: -TheFranchise-

5 years ago#47
SSB64 says hi


majora999 posted...
Kratos (arguably)
Sweet Tooth
Col. Radec
Big Daddy (arguably)
Evil Cole

For comparison:

King Dedede (arguably)

We have, at absolute least, as many villains as Brawl did.
Pyramidhead, Vile, Gex & RocketKnight for PSASBR

User Info: Supah_Axel

5 years ago#48
Kratos is definitely a villain. I wouldn't say Big daddy is a villain though. It's an enemy you fight in the game, but it's only trying to protect the little sisters.
Not buying SSB4 without the inclusion of the flower fairy Lip as a playable character.
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User Info: fawfulmark2

5 years ago#49

pretty much sums up why people think Kratos is a villain.
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  3. This roster is seriously lacking in villains.

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