Thing of the last video game character you played as...

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User Info: Objection102

5 years ago#111
Meepski posted...
Oh man, I'm going really obscure for this...I wouldn't be surprised if nobody knows what I'm talking about.

It'd be Madotsuki from Yume Nikki. Basically, a shut-in who does nothing but lucid dream. At least she wouldn't get in my way.

Can't say I know her by name, but I've at least heard of Yume Nikki. Congrats, you're not alone! :D
PSN: KJman456
"Such parlor tricks can get stuffed!" - Elizabeth

User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

5 years ago#112
Hm, last I played was Disgaea 4, and I was mainly using my Celestial Host/Angel Sarina........I am ok with this, Albeit, her Attitude could become a slight problem over time.....
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Kat & Noire for PlayStation All-Stars BR! XD.

User Info: jjg737

5 years ago#113
Mario, he's a plumber and I like spaghetti...I'm ok with this.
last played- original SSB

User Info: NinjaCronoX

5 years ago#114
Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon Neon. O lawd I better get ready to Bro out XBL:NinjaCrono
Current Game Mains P4A: Yosuke PSASBR: Raiden?

User Info: LordMe

5 years ago#115
Ayane and Christie...

I can deal with that!

User Info: Overlord9011

5 years ago#116
Mario/Luigi/Baby Mario/Baby Luigi. It will be complicated, seeing as they are from different eras, but otherwise it seems like fun.
Final Fantasy I-V were great games (IV being the best), VI was... okay?, VII... Meh. I gave up at VIII.

User Info: Chzrm3

5 years ago#117
I got Aveline. XD
If I haven't mentioned Kat in my post, it's because she is so beautiful and precarious that I just wanted to show her how much she means to me.

User Info: CADmanjules

5 years ago#118
Gaige the Mecromancer from Borederlands 2. Well, there goes my security deposit

User Info: X195

5 years ago#119
Dang, I was playing Arkham City this morning (I would have been living with the GODDAMN BATMAN!), but my cousin called me so we could play like, 30 minutes of Uncharted 3 online. I'm not entirely sure who I was playing as, but it was either a custom hero/villain or Nathan Drake/some actual villain character that varies from time to time. So, I'm gonna go with Nate.

Nate is a damn awesome dude, but still... he's no GODDAMN BATMAN!
Call me Mega, Megaman, X, or any variation/combination of the previously stated names.
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User Info: Xerapher

5 years ago#120
Cole MacGrath, well at least I don't have to pay the electric bill lol
If you desire peace, be prepared for war.
PSN: Xerapher
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