Thing of the last video game character you played as...

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User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#51
Garcia Hotspur. Fun.
GT: FroznLockz, PSN: SpectreAlpha
"Tatakai no naka ni, kotai wo aru."

User Info: grzajabarkus

4 years ago#52
The last video game I played? The kid from The Unfinished Swan. *sigh* the game before that was LBP. Which I would rather bunk with Sackboy. Lol

User Info: Omegacrisis

4 years ago#53
Asura..... as long as he doesn't get angry and no one makes mithra cry i should be good
PSN: Veedot85
Gamertag: Veedot85

User Info: masterman97

4 years ago#54
Rain from Mortal Kombat.

Hell yeah I'd have the most pimp garden ever. Got the bachelor pad on the side with the purple drapes and ****.
Giga Drill Breaker

User Info: TheSpiralQueen

4 years ago#55
The protagonist from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness...

I am going to be frank. Living in a lab would be pretty dang boring, and there are hardly any wild Pokemon in the Orre region at all! ...Unless you go to those Poke Spots areas. :C
"If GF immediately jumps to Gen 6, I will facepalm with the force of a supernova." - Reborn_Sigma

User Info: Dark7Knights1

4 years ago#56
Dante "Devil May Cry 3"
Makes sense to me...

User Info: OfficeDesk33

4 years ago#57
Female main character from persona 3 portable.

Official Larxene of the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale board.

User Info: KevinCC

4 years ago#58
Professor Layton.

I could learn a LOT from him... and yeah, his assistant, apprentice, ward, and whoever else he's got tagging along with him would have to be part of the bargain - it's not gentlemanly to close my door in that fashion. Room will be made for them, even if I must move to the couch so someone younger gets a bed. opposed to an average game.

User Info: MR_See

4 years ago#59
the Militia in Valkyria Chronicles

thats alot of people.....but quite a few hotties
PSN ~ Incendia_Tigris

User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#60

Mitsuru Kirijo in Persona 4: Arena

..... **** YEAH! :D
"Dating Yukari Takeba is, like, the closest thing to dating Michelle Ruff, so I don't see the reason why not."- My brother XD
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