Man who are you gunna play with first

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User Info: bleach209

5 years ago#1
I really cant decide, its either Nathan Drake, Jak or Spike
help me choose lads
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User Info: Raven-Z

5 years ago#2
PSN/GT/Steam: Ravendust
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User Info: holysquid

5 years ago#3
PSN: HexagonalZebra

User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

5 years ago#4
Sir Dan
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User Info: Joey2cool

5 years ago#5
man i think im gonna play with sir dan first
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User Info: T_l_M_B_0

5 years ago#6
My first act in this game will be playing Kratos' story mode, probably using the Deimos skin, on Legend difficulty. I want to get the trophy for beating arcade on Legend out of the way off the bat, and Kratos is who I used in the beta, so I feel most comfortable using him for it. After that though, Evil Cole.
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User Info: MrTaco

5 years ago#7
Most likely Sackboy, Evil Cole or Big Daddy. Whoever I feel like playing out of those three, I suppose.

User Info: PhoenixRush

5 years ago#8
Ratchet & Clank all day erryday.
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User Info: Phaild

5 years ago#9
Raiden all day long
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User Info: Heavenly_Pain

5 years ago#10
Nariko, Cole or Toro..
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