The only good thing about the Trailer was Heihachi "action"....

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  3. The only good thing about the Trailer was Heihachi "action"....

User Info: ChocoboDreams

5 years ago#31
Cosmic_Coyote posted...
Dragongreen547 posted...

I know you did, otherwise you couldn´t tell what is this topic about

One only needs to look at your name, and read the topic title, to know not to read the topic.
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User Info: Taizuku

5 years ago#32
ChocoboDreams posted...
christiankid7 posted...
Characters didn't even move in umvc3s opening

They didn't have to. If you want moving characters, you can just watch the intro from the first game, both intros were nothing short of epic.

This is pretty true.
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User Info: antking61

5 years ago#33
Cosmic_Coyote posted...
wich was amazing!!! but sadly everything else sucked.

They tried to copy UMvsC3 intro style but failed miserably at it:

-No backgrounds

-Slow animations

-Nathan Drake was displayed like a complete usless tool against Sly who just proceed to take all his weapons with a staff hit.

-Fat Princess vs Evil Starkiller is probably the most anticlimatic thing ever since Snake vs Jigglypuff, It could be better if Sackboy or Parrapa fight against Fat Princess.

-Sir Dan Fortesquiew is apparently a "Tron" character now judging by his neon outfit.

-Crappy generic soldier from Killzone turning invisible in front of the enemy.... has he never played TF2??

-They make fun of a serious character like Big Daddy with Sackboy and a banana??

-Emo dugaddict twilight "Dante" randomly pointing guns against Nariko who only have a sword (even tough Heihachi pwned that trash good)

-Apparently the ones who made Parrapa in this game think he is Tony Hawk, so they can´t stop displaying him in every available screen time on top of a skateboard instead of doing Rap attacks or at least his good old "kick -punch it´s all in the mind" moves.

-On the good note, beside Heihachi, Jack vs Ratch & Clanket (or however is called that thing) as well as Jake Wesker vs Raiden were the only really good matchups becaus ethe characters style are look alike.

-Kratos vs the cheap knock off of "It" Pennywise.... just ridiculous.

Your attempts at being clever and witty by implying that Cole is a Starkiller and Jake Muller knockoff are fail.

Your complaints are stupid except for the Sly and Etnad bit but I can only agree with them because I hate Sly and Etnad.

If you complained about Parappa existing I could have agreed further.
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User Info: Cosmic_Coyote

5 years ago#34
Cole is NOT a knockoff of Jake and Starkiller (Rig, Robin, Shepard, etc...)....

If you play Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2, they explain why they all look like the same crappy baldy in the intro.
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  3. The only good thing about the Trailer was Heihachi "action"....

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