Sign here if you think new Dante beats old Dante/Lightning beats Cloud

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User Info: geneocide

4 years ago#51
ITT: Idiots, idiots everywhere...
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User Info: Rip3465

4 years ago#52
With all due respect... no.

Old Dante > New Dante
Snake ? Raiden (Not too knowledgable on MGS, though I see no reall issue with either.)
Cloud = Lightning (Theyre both awesome badasses)
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User Info: Anomalycad

4 years ago#53
Raiden is better than Snake
I take Lighting over Cloud, however, I rather have Sazh because he seems like he would be more fun
I still like Old Dante's look better than crackhead looking new Dante, other than that they pretty much fight the same.

User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

4 years ago#54
Eh, there's a lack of knowledge regarding alot of this for me.

I've never played a MGS game, but going on just what I've seen from Brawl and All-Stars, I like Raiden more.

I've played all of the DMC games, but DmC isn't out yet. That said, if I didn't know who either of them were, and you stood them next to eachother, I'd probably like new Dante more.

I've played all the FFVII games that've come overseas, watched AC, read all the backstory stuff, etc. I've only watched the scenes to FFXIII, and haven't played XIII-2. I find it funny that as far as personality complaints go, the fact that both of these characters got over their problems seems to be overlooked on both accounts. >_> Anyways, I like the VII world alot more than XIII, and I definately like Cloud better.

User Info: lucapit

4 years ago#55
Greater than or less than or equal too.....basic math in this topic.
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User Info: TheNardDog

4 years ago#56
Neemoh posted...
New Dante beats Old Dante?


Well as for design, that one was very generic. Especially the face. When you leave the generic anime style, you can put a lot more detail into a face. I'll at least wait until New Dante's full game comes out to judge for sure.
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User Info: roxas9001

4 years ago#57
Not changing this until DmCrap flops.
I hate the FF fandumb.

User Info: gullgullgull

4 years ago#58
I like Raiden, but Snake is better. This is regardless of which Raiden or Snake you are talking about. (MGS2 Raiden is hardly the same as MGS4 Raiden)

Donte is a joke, end of story. I never ended up finishing DMC or DMC3 (The only ones I have), but from what I did play Dante was never so utterly unlikable. Donte is what would happen if a teenager wrote fanfiction about Dante.

I don't care about Cloud or Lightning so I have no answer there.

User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#59
New Dante > Lightning
Snake > Cloud
Raiden=Old Dante
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User Info: Furryyiffer

4 years ago#60
Dante>New Dante. Dont know how he will develop yet and I may like him more after he does.
Cloud>>>Lightning FFVII was a big hit on the Playstation and Cloud was very iconic of JRPGs, Final Fantasy, and the Playstation for a while. Lightning I dislike as well as having almost nothing to do with the Playstation brand
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