DmC Dante is not the true Dante. don't be sheep to Capcom and Ninja Theory

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User Info: ChocoboDreams

5 years ago#81
MajesticFerret posted...
DMC4 sold the best out of any DMC game because it's multi-console. DmC will probably sell better than the old DMC games due to this.

DMC4 was mediocre. Dante barely seemed important in it and they basically knocked him aside for Nero, who wasn't interesting or cool, just a Dante clone voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Wouldn't surprise me if DmC turns out awesome simply due to the fact that NT knows everyone hates them and they're going to have to work 5x as hard to make their game sell.

Considering the games they've released in the past (Heavenly Sword and Enslaved), it'd be mind-blowing to think of what they'd be capable of working 5x as hard to impress people.
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User Info: Reginleif20

5 years ago#82
xenosaga123 posted...
unless they add DMC1/2/3/4 Dante appearance to PS All Stars (just like MVC3 did.) , DmC is not the true Dante that put the franchise on the map and Playstation itself. Ninja Theory is just milking the brand with a horribly designed alternate universe for their own selfish agendas, since they are too untalented and uncreative to make a bigger and better Heavenly Sword. So they leech off a franchise that had success and legacy. DmC is just like that phony new Robocop that people are trying to milk money from. So PS All Stars doesn't have the true Dante at all.

We already know that
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User Info: Dragongreen547

5 years ago#83
A leader who no one simply taking a walk.
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User Info: Vanitas_Remnant

5 years ago#84
I feel a draft on my butt

User Info: geneocide

5 years ago#85
dude_meister512 posted...

That's no excuse for poor game design.

It was a main factor of DMC4s story.....And I liked alot of the areas so I am fine with it.

And I stand by my comment. Everything was dull and white. The final boss was a statue/generic priest/the pope.

White? Um... no.... It actually shifted in color palette alot... And the final boss fight was actually unique. Unlike that Larva fight which just seems like a very poor copy of DMC4s Savoir... Haaaaa-burn

Umm... DmC isn't even out and you know how good or bad the story is? Stop assuming ****.

I am not assuming! They have already stated what the story was and I have seen enough story clips. Mundas is even made to look like a corporate snob. Because the game is trying to say big business is bad and the games theme is the government being demons trying to take out the rebels (who are the "good guys"(Really? I mean really?)). See... That is like reading about the human centipede and assuming it will be bad. Not to mention..... His nude scene where he has a bunch of miscellaneous items block is junk. Its like they made the game for rebellious 13 year olds.

No I shouldn't. There are far better actors on the stage that aren't even getting paid than the embarassing cast they gathered together. Johnny Yong Bosch? The guy's terrible.

They dude is good... And good voice acting means nothing when the lines are poor. Ex: F*** You!
F*** you!
F*** yooooouu!

I mean really? Oh yes and "My name, by the way, is dante. but you can call me dante the demon killer Has a nice ring to it don'tcha think?" Oh yes "The son of sparda and eva the whooooooore *vomits*" Tell me how the voice acting makes up for the poor writing? Nothing is witty or anything.

Oh, you want me to explain do you?

"Demonic suitcase" = Pandora's box, an ancient fairy tale.

Sword that revs? What's the point in that? Should I put a sword's hilt in my car's engine? Besides the fact that a "sword that revs" is the main weapon in Final Fantasy VIII.

I can give you Lucifer, it is somewhat original. But really, I can't recall ever really using it.

And the weapons the come out of the suitcase are original. The concept of it might not be but the execution is. Really... Name one weapon in the new DmC that is original in concept and all. And Again... The execution of the red queen is original. The way you use the EXceed is original.

And another point I might add that goes against DMC4 is the absolutely ****y secondary characters like Kyrie or whatever here silly name was. They were just boring.

If you are implying Credo was boring or ****y character you are wrong. Kyrie wasn't the best character but she could have been much worse. Honestly there wasn't alot of secondary characters... Cant count gloria because she was trish.
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User Info: Swaggamer9000

5 years ago#86
Vanitas_Remnant posted...

Leader of the illuminaughty...

User Info: howiehiew

5 years ago#87
The reason why capcom gave NT this project was to make something different. To make changes to the formula.Why would capcom give a project to completely different people and tell them to emulate what they can do themselves? Think DMC is different from the usual, that's the point.
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User Info: Bleach313

5 years ago#88
Well I agree that I don't like Dino and wish he wasn't in here but I'm still gonna get this game. DMC on the other hand I'm not planning on buying or even trying due to Dino's PERSONALITY. His appearance is a shame in itself and doesn't need me to say anything about it. His personality on the other hand is terrible and I don't like.

I'm just not gonna play with him, and use him as a punching bag.

I kinda think it's funny. Ever since Dino became on PSASBR all of a sudden Dino is accepted and awesome. I believe people are just saying that to boost the game -_- It's just something u HAVE TO notice with the gaming community. I for one don't care if this was Smash Bros I'm not gonna change my views just to better up a game. Dino is bad to me and he will never grow on me.

User Info: Raven2827

5 years ago#89
sworder posted...
NT tried making DMC5 with a Dante that resembled old Dante and Capcom told them to reboot it.

If you're gonna complain, at least don't be ignorant about what happened.

I'd rather a new heavenly sword. That game was awesome. So many series are destroyed because of so called established ones. And many series that stick around reuse the same characters [not bad all the time] to the point of making the series just really tiring. Take god of war for example. There's only so much you can do to a series. How many games do they have? Move on to another character for the series. There's tons of ancient gods etc. Egypt, Norse, etc. Give us some new mechanics, new story, new everything. Obviously people are going to buy the new god of war, but just because they're buying it doesn't make what developers and publishers are doing right. I want new IP's!!!!!
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User Info: Reginleif20

5 years ago#90
What's the deal with Heavenly Sword? It sucks
I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it
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