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User Info: Charizard18

5 years ago#11
Hmm. That's tough. I switched around a lot. I think I started on the KH2 board? Then when that died I moved on to the next KH board. But i never posted too much. FF Versus XIII board is my one true home besides here though.
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User Info: Crabhammar

5 years ago#12
Kriby Super Star Ultra as my old account, BandanaDee. Good times...
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User Info: Neemoh

5 years ago#13
Tales of Vesperia board. Oh god I'm such a nerd

User Info: ss4parrothair

5 years ago#14
NewMoonShadow posted...
Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I was there when the Smash Dojo first started. That board was a beautiful piece of s***.

Hmmm, that was another one I made my home. Did you ever join the separate board that was made?
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User Info: JerichoDarkstar

5 years ago#15
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. I'll never forget it. I don't do much KH boards anymore though because I've lost interest. Not in the games, but those boards.
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User Info: Eurashal

5 years ago#16
With this account? The Dissidia board. In general, I think it was the Soul Calibur 3 board, or FFX board. Sometime in 2006.
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User Info: Ludacris01

5 years ago#17
SSB Melee in 2002, followed by LUE in 2003
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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

5 years ago#18
NewMoonShadow posted...
Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I was there when the Smash Dojo first started. That board was a beautiful piece of s***.

This. Probably the worst board out of all the ones on GameFAQs I went to.
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User Info: squirrel_boy

5 years ago#19
ive had an account for 5 years and it was upon this board i posted my first message of gamefaqs

User Info: ToroStationMeow

5 years ago#20
Brawl board back when Brawl was still hyped.
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