Just out of curiosity...

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User Info: WRRYYYYers

5 years ago#31
Probably Brawl.
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User Info: Utada

5 years ago#32
My signature had to be changed after 4 years; 8/11/10 I shall remember!

User Info: 921sora

5 years ago#33
Must've been the good ol' duodecim boards. (Sig)
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User Info: SpacePirateKhan

5 years ago#34
Heck if I know. That was ten years ago. XD
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User Info: ign0to

5 years ago#35
Namco X Capcom

User Info: Bleach313

5 years ago#36
Mine was the PS3 board in general. They have interesting discussions.

User Info: ZeroBeats Ghost

ZeroBeats Ghost
5 years ago#37
I honestly don't remember. Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, maybe.
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User Info: boy_luck

5 years ago#38
As much as it pains me to admit it, the MVC3 board, although I've had this account for far too long, but I mostly stalked the boards without actually participating.
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User Info: judgementaeon

5 years ago#39
ttt2 actually XD
Rick Riordan rules the world!!!!

User Info: judgementaeon

5 years ago#40
judgementaeon posted...
ttt2 actually XD

Oh yeah, eventually my hype was drained out of that towards Dead or Alive 5,explaining my past Hitomi obsession lol but hey she inspired me XD
Rick Riordan rules the world!!!!

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