Aww Sir Dan is so cute.

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User Info: Joshelplex

4 years ago#21
Creators really don't have a say. Sony owns the IP so they can give it to whoever they want.
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User Info: Seksii_Girl_5

4 years ago#22
geneocide posted...
Seksii_Girl_5 posted...
Skaigear posted...
geneocide posted...
I don't even know if the original creator to Sir Dan is even still in the gaming industry....

You don't need the original creators to make a sequel. Sony owns the IP, they can hand if off to a capable developer.

Exactly. That was going to be my next rebuttle if he said Cambridge wouldn't do another one.

.......While this is true, if the hand it to a different person they could butcher it as it isn't their creation....

Sly 4 looks amazing and very faithful to the SuckerPunch games. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was awesome (even with the annoying gimmick controls) and finally the Syphon Filter games on PSP were arguablly better than the originals.
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