In your honest opinion, do you think this game will be better than Brawl?

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  3. In your honest opinion, do you think this game will be better than Brawl?


4 years ago#81
What about i dont give a fu....i have both games and i dont care, im not that lame to compare them they different
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User Info: paladinzio

4 years ago#82
Of course. Melee is still better.
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User Info: darklinkfan55

4 years ago#83
i played melee for countless hours, but brawl.. havent played it as much :\
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User Info: BombermanFanatic

4 years ago#84
I absolutely love Brawk. I've put around 500 hours into it, and even been to some tourneys. It's a great game.

But I have a feeling this one will be much better, especially from a competitive standpoint.
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User Info: keyblade_lord

4 years ago#85
MrKiry posted...
OBJECTION! This Topic Clearly Sucks!
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User Info: MegaSTV

4 years ago#86
trollhunter2 posted...
MegaSTV posted...

Brawl has iconic characters that everyone loves and its only real limitation is the platform it is on.

The SSB Franchise simply draws from a pull of more memorable characters than the the playstation franchise can hope to.

brawl has link,mario,pokemon and maybe donkey kong but to say that chars like marth,olimar and ness are iconic is pure ignorance dude. Also stay on topic we are talking about the gameplay, not about the chars

That's not what the topic is asking.

In terms of roster, Brawl has Zelda Series, Star Fox Series, Pokemon Series, Kirby Series, Fire Emblem Series, and Sonic. You get to beat people up with your favorite characters. This is a good thing. If you want to compare them to the characters in Playstation series, many of which I like, but I wouldn't know about if I didn't have a playstation 3, you're going to have a bad time.

Not only that,but as a party game, the SSB series is simply in a class of its own. It's relative worth is based on who it is meant to appeal to. And if Brawl was on a better system with better online support, it would still be going hella strong. Brawl is a wickedly good game. The fighting system may not be as "refined" as Melee's but it has definitely stood the test of time, and on many levels, I like it more. It has casual appeal and high level appeal.
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User Info: paralyzed21

4 years ago#87
better? yes

more popular? no |

User Info: liquidleonx3

4 years ago#88
Well Brawl sucked so maybe. Melee on the other hand is a whole other beast. The only thing appealing about Brawl to me is the mods. Project M mainly.
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User Info: ericbogard

4 years ago#89
After this :

I'm pretty sure it will be a LOT better than SSB.

Just looking at the last matches between the guys from the QA team, with Seth Killian and ClockWork talking about the game, makes me feel secure about the future of that game.

(I do hope you all know who these guys are if you are into fighting games)
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User Info: johnluke728

4 years ago#90
jeremy21642 posted...
The online will be better than Brawl.

True that. It still irks me that Nintendo delayed Brawl's release for a year, an entire year, just to rewrite some of the engine to support online play, and they botch it up. (Only to watch Ubisoft fix those problems with TMNT Smashup!)

It was rage-inducing to be competitive with all the hiccups, and this is coming from a pretty patient guy, so I continued fighting bots set to "Nasty" in multiplayer. To be honest, I don't think Brawl and this game can be compared to each other, but as far as online multiplayer goes, Sony's got it, and Nintendon't. The next iteration of Smash Bros may change that, but in the meantime, it's still a fair comparison.
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  3. In your honest opinion, do you think this game will be better than Brawl?

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