60$, too much or just about right? Discuss

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User Info: Fayt16

4 years ago#1
To be honest, how do you feel about this game's price?
IMO its a bit excessive
what about you guys?
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User Info: T_l_M_B_0

4 years ago#2
Its fine.
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User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#3
T_l_M_B_0 posted...
Its fine.
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User Info: Q_Blah

4 years ago#4
wwinterj25 posted...
T_l_M_B_0 posted...
Its fine.

User Info: squirrel_boy

4 years ago#5
why would it be any less? its a fairly higher up game like most sony exclusives like gow and uncharted. its not barbie adventure palace.

User Info: DarkAmdusias

4 years ago#6
It's about $10 more than I want to pay, but it's fine.
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User Info: SpacePirateKhan

4 years ago#7
Q_Blah posted...
wwinterj25 posted...
T_l_M_B_0 posted...
Its fine.
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User Info: AndKevinBacon

4 years ago#8
It's too damn high.

User Info: Taizuku

4 years ago#9
Perfectly fine.
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User Info: ChocoboDreams

4 years ago#10
60 bucks a game has been too much since these consoles came into practice, so my saying it's too much has nothing to do with the game. Bottom line, it's the one and only game I've bought all year other than Mass Effect 3 (which was January), so apparently it's more worth my 60 than anything else that came out this year.
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