Impressions from Shoryuken (*final boss spoilers*)

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User Info: Joey2cool

5 years ago#1
Stolen from PSASBR Shoryuken topic:

- Like all of Sony's recent games this game requires an online pass. All online modes are locked away unless you use the mode

- When you put in the disc there's a digital manual and extra called "Disc benefits". I'm assuming this is how you get the Vita copy as I kept getting connection errors when I select it

- One day patch is already available

- Arcade mode has Tekken style prologue at the beginning. It goes like this 1v1 time no items no hazards, 3 player FFA time no items no hazards, 4 player FFA time no items/hazards, 4 player FFA time items/hazards enabled, 4 player FFA 3 stock items/hazards enabled. Rival battles are 1v1 3 stock with no items/hazards. There's a cutscene for Rivals.

- Boss battle with Polymon Man is disappointing. He took a page from Galactus playbook and has silver colored versions of the game's cast to fight you. He morphs into the stage hazards of other stages screw with you. When you kill his pawns he'll attack you directly on the field. All you need to do is land a super on him to finish him.

- Trials come in two flavors here. General and character specific. General trials test how well you know the game's fundamentals while character specific relay on your knowledge of the character's toolset to accomplish the tasks. All the characters have a "You can only use square attacks and throws to build" trial for instance and it's your job to figure out the best way to do that with that character. Trials can be complete between three difficulty setting

- All of the stages are available for use in training mode. The training stage comes with six versions. The training stage in tutorial is the small training stage. It comes in small, medium and large versions. The regular version of all three has walls and no platforms. Alternative versions of those three have platforms added.

- Training Mode has the standard suite of options you'll expect. Input display, attack display, adjusting meter, etc. Dummy setting is standard as well with a few extra things. You set for double jump, follow and countdown attack. Countdown attacks additional options as guard behavior and wake-up defense. I haven't found any for air recovery.

- There's a customization option but nothing impressive. You can unlock character costumes, taunts, intro/victory animations and even the victory theme and choose which one you want to use.
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User Info: ToroStationMeow

5 years ago#2
Himiko, Ayane, and Kunoichi.
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User Info: wwinterj25

5 years ago#3
Nice info thank you!
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User Info: blaze19_0X

5 years ago#4
Sweet. I'm really glad trials have 3 difficulty settings. I was fearing they'd only have one and it'd be way too easy.

And wow at those training options. It has Smash's training mode beat already. Because you can't set Brawl CPUs to do very specific things like double jumping or wakeups.
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User Info: AndKevinBacon

5 years ago#5
So Polygon Man can turn into the Negativitron? Maybe rumba wasn't trolling.

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

5 years ago#6
Oh you actually DO fight Polygon Man? They made it sound like you don't fight him at all. As lame as they make it sound, it's better then only fighting those clones.
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User Info: Aputi

5 years ago#7
Honestly the game sounds very basic. The meat of the entire game will be online and everything else is just there just not make the game so bare bones.
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User Info: zxelman

5 years ago#8
Can you set the dummy as a second human player like in SSB?
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User Info: pixel378

5 years ago#9
Its upsetting the boss battle is so lame. What were they thinking?
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