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User Info: FoxxJ

5 years ago#61

User Info: pixel378

5 years ago#62
It depends, just based on the characters on based on how good their movesets are too?

Just characters- 7. Nothing huge, only surprises are sir dan and Spike for me. Missing everything I wanted otherwise. But still decent overall.

Adding in movesets- 8.5

They did a really nice job with what they had.
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User Info: Snovvbub

5 years ago#63
Bizzack posted...
Staticnova posted...
Bizzack posted...
Snovvbub posted...
The problem I see on a lot of these topics either falls under-

1. Realizing Spyro and Crash are under Activision's control, and other copyright issues.

2. Noting that most of these started off on the Playstation, then spread as time went on, IE Big Daddy in Bioshock.

Just thought to point this out.

Spyro was a huge success and one of the big names on the Sony Playstation, along with Cloud, Lara Croft, and Crash Bandicoot. It's a natural reaction to expect the big names. It's like being served a chinese buffet, but missing the general tso chicken and fried rice.

Sure, but the reality is that the restaurant is out of the chicken and rice, meaning you couldn't have had them anyway.

True. But then why substitute the egg drop soup (Solid Snake) with the sweet and sour soup (Raiden)? Why not serve the more logical choice or BOTH?

Funny enought, I was coming up with food names for these characters earlier today (boredom).

Big Dinner
Cold McGravy
Makin' Cake

Fat Princess would approve.
PSN: snovvbub
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User Info: AWorldUnited

5 years ago#64
6. None if the characters that I care about made it in. Maybe that make me immature. Maybe not. I still buy game, though. To show supporting

User Info: RhinoStrega

5 years ago#65
5/10, because half of the roster is crap.
Monster Hunter is awesome.

User Info: Gen2000

5 years ago#66
7/10, even with Kat.

Luckly the game seems to have a lot of love put into the gameplay mechanics so even characters like Donte looks fun to play as despite being well...Donte.
The Storm Is About To Rage.....

User Info: devotedislamfan

5 years ago#67

I remember saying this to my self (months ago)

If sackboy is in 50% chance of buying

If FF rep is in, 50%+ = I'm getting this game.

i guess i'll wait till it really drops down on Play or Amazon.co.uk

Right now the only characters that appeal to me are Sackboy, Heihachi and Raiden.
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User Info: 3D3

5 years ago#68
1st party - 9/10
3rd party - 5/10
Because Naughty Dog
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User Info: Dragon_Dez

5 years ago#69
8 out of 10.

User Info: mad_hax_man

5 years ago#70
3 characters that should not be in (Evil Cole, Big Daddy and Dino), 1 character that should have only been included after another big absentee should have been (Raiden), too many cult classics that, although fine if there are one or two, take up too many places in the roster and a number of major characters that should be on there that aren't.

I understand that SB had an up hill battle for this game, but I'm really only interested in the final result, and its disappointing.

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