What character are you most SURPRISED isn't on the roster?

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  3. What character are you most SURPRISED isn't on the roster?

User Info: Rydiafan013

5 years ago#91
mario damn it i want mario ... j/k

parasite eve's Aya Bree i wanna throw out there

User Info: Nubaru

5 years ago#92
For a third party character I'd thought to see John Marston (Red Dead Redemption). Also maybe Tommy Versetti (GTA: Vice City). Both would've been pretty cool.
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User Info: wwinterj25

5 years ago#93
Snovvbub posted...
blaze19_0X posted...


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User Info: QJD1381

5 years ago#94
Anyone from Final Fantasy.
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User Info: 921sora

5 years ago#95

Uhm... i suppose mr. Zidane tribal ^^
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User Info: PS3WiiLover19

5 years ago#96
Crash and Spyro, instantly thought they'd be in when this game was announced.
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User Info: Mario_Bones

5 years ago#97
An Assassin's Creed rep, with all the deals with Ubisoft and Sony with all the AC exclusive stuff, I thought it was strongly hinting at an AC rep being playable.
I knew Crash, Spyro and Cloud wouldn't be in because Activision are horrible money grubbers and Square want Lightning to be the Final Fantasy poster girl.
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User Info: HenryKazuka

5 years ago#98

Persona! *blows his head off*

User Info: NintendoDudeGuy

5 years ago#99
"Snake? Snake! SNAAAKE!"
Make him DLC and make him say "Kept you waiting, huh?"
And codec calls on everyone! "This guy's only got two dimensions!"
"Please... never do anything as crazy as that again...."
"...I'll think about it."
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  3. What character are you most SURPRISED isn't on the roster?

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