Rate my dream [launch] roster and rivalries?

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  3. Rate my dream [launch] roster and rivalries?

User Info: WeeScotty

5 years ago#1
Cloud vs Dart
Solid Snake vs Nathan Drake
Raiden vs Cole
Sora vs Wander
Tidus vs Ratchet
Ico vs Kat
Kratos vs REAL Dante
Crash vs Spyro
Jin vs Toro
Sackboy vs Noire

User Info: Haku125

5 years ago#2
Not bad kahn, not bad
Superbot: 20 characters is our launch roster SNARF SNARF

User Info: taoxadasa

5 years ago#3

Two FF and MGS characters? Why?

No Jak, Sly, Parappa, Spike, Sir Dan?

Jin over Heihachi?

And who is Noire?
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

5 years ago#4
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User Info: ChrisObama

5 years ago#5
Corniest roster. The roster we have now is better
Ninjas claiming to be Jetplanes but they not, pay homage the founder in the house kid, a MILF hunter ask yo' mama, she can vouch.

User Info: Kindertotenwald

5 years ago#6
Real Dante lol at how sore you are XDDDDDD
TTT2: Yoshimitsu & Kunimitsu

User Info: Vanitas_Remnant

5 years ago#7
Not bad.....Wait a second...

Where's Sly....and Jak....and RATCHET!? Wheres my PlayStation Move Heroes?!
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  3. Rate my dream [launch] roster and rivalries?

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