Think of a character in this game

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User Info: Bahamut_Shin

4 years ago#31
does kat count???
this guy don't speak english!!

User Info: PielordX

4 years ago#32
Radec :/
If there were more people like me the world would be a better place. That's just a fact. -Compass

User Info: IAmMC2

4 years ago#33

Could have been worse. <__<
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User Info: afrodude77

4 years ago#34
Big Daddy this is gonna be painful
We are the Lin Kuei, more stealthy than the night, more deadly than the dawn!

User Info: RaynorEX

4 years ago#35
Sir Dan.
I.. um... No... NO!

User Info: Chzrm3

4 years ago#36
I forgot to think of one, so when I came into the thread I saw "Drake" and thought of Drake.

I mean, that's okay. Honestly I'd take that over Fatty P.
If I haven't mentioned Trivio in my post, it's because she is so beautiful and precarious that I just wanted to show her how much she means to me.

User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#37
Fat Princess... At least she's a... she. A bit short for my tastes though. Like... 2 foot tall.
Currently commanding a platoon of coconuts. Slow work, but very fulfilling.

User Info: ss4parrothair

4 years ago#38
Joey2cool posted...
ss4parrothair posted...
You are now making sweet love to them.

I got Drake. o_0?

But you're the one who made the topic and thought of the situation...

What is this, I don't even....
Uhhh... My dog ate my signature...
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User Info: kkTheKiller42

4 years ago#39
RaynorEX posted...
Sir Dan

User Info: ToroStationMeow

4 years ago#40
Kat. YAY!
Himiko, Ayane, and Kunoichi.
*reads card* "What is your main Warriors Orochi 3 team?"
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