Guys, let me just say, before it's all over...

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User Info: vital_tundra

5 years ago#31
While I have had some fun on this board I would like to see you guys in game. Definitely need a PSN user adding topic tomorrow.
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User Info: IHeartJessAlba

5 years ago#32
I did my fair share of lurking. So I probably recognize way more of you guys than you recognize me. I really only started posting in the last month or two. I'll continue to post for a while, as I won't be able to get the game for a some time. Money is tight. But a lot of you guys brought laughs and good conversation. A lot of you aggregated the hell out of me. But aside from the constant "dis game sux, it plays bad and you should feel bad!" every. single. day... I've enjoyed my time here. I migrated here after I left the Skyrim boards and wandered around not knowing where I'd end up. And this was a good fit.

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User Info: zxelman

5 years ago#33
It's nice to see some of the lurkers on the board. I knew the votes weren't coming out of thin air or alt accounts.
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User Info: antking61

5 years ago#34
Sure, it's been amusing. What with the "Kat is Black" threads, the endless praise for Parappa the Lame Ass Rapper, the spillover Etnad arguments from the DmC board. Fun board indeed. I'm not even being sarcastic. I LOVE TURMOIL!
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User Info: soothsayer77

5 years ago#35
This board is kind of a terrible place. But when it's not a terrible place, it's definitely been fun.

A few users have been particularly cool.

BigKahn (when he was good at trolling at least)

I know there's others, but those are just the names that pop in my head. Thanks for making the wait for this game suck a little less.

User Info: monkeyprince82

5 years ago#36
I've been here the whole ride just lurking but I think I'll miss you most of all Kahn :'(
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User Info: xKazerux

5 years ago#37
I've only been around for maybe a couple weeks, but this board really has been a whole lot of fun. It'll be sad when/if all the regulars go. :( But I hope to see you all in-game sometime!
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User Info: pacpuf7249

5 years ago#38
Even though I lurked here only posted about 6 times, I also enjoyed all the various topics about speculating the game's crappiness and the "secret characters" and whatnot.

It's been fun. BYE!
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

5 years ago#39
Chzrm3 posted...
AndKevinBacon posted...
I prefer And.


And yeah after all's said and done, it really has been fun here.

In the strangest way, it's a little sad. I know some of you will still be around, but I imagine most will probably never post again. I hadn't realized how fond I'd grown of our little community until now, right as it's about to dissipate. =(

Ahh well, that's life.

lol im still here. remember the good ol' days? when we complained even more than now? rememebr the good ol' days? ahhh..

User Info: IcyFlamez96

5 years ago#40
Well I'll still be here lol
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