Curse you gamestop

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User Info: Swagdog

4 years ago#11
Ludacris01 posted...
Swagdog posted...
Ludacris01 posted...
I work at GameStop. Can't speak for all stores, but we aren't having a midnight release at my store because they want to save the extra hours for Black Friday, which will be opening at midnight.

Now, this makes sense.

But yeah I go to full time school, and my work shifts go from 5-2 in the morning several nights a week. I have see no problem having the store open late almost every Monday night, til 1am.

Well again, I can't speak for all stores, but every store in my area always gets very low hours to give out, and a lot of the time, never have enough hours to get through a week. This is usually why most people you see working at GameStop never really work more than twice a week, unless they are an assistant manager or something. I imagine if we stayed open till 1 30AM every Monday, we would have an even bigger shortage of hours.

Blame the upper management

Lol i know its upper management, always is. But no joke I've only ever seen 3 people working at my local gamestop. Usually then its still just the same two guys. Bro'ING out with the games behind the counter. Id be envious if I didn't make more cash.
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User Info: 360elitekid

4 years ago#12
everyone deserves a midnight release ^_^ (-_(0_(-__-)_-)_0)
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User Info: Swagdog

4 years ago#13
Ace2792 posted...
You people aren't released for the holiday?

Tuesday is my last day of class, on the elementry kids got off the whole week. No colleges around here did.
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