This isn't a fighting game

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User Info: Darksteel

5 years ago#1
It looks more like Super Smash Bros
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User Info: co1onel

5 years ago#2
PlayStation 3 » Action » Fighting » 2D
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User Info: PielordX

5 years ago#3
This isn't a forum, Its more of a board.
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User Info: Chzrm3

5 years ago#4
Oh u
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User Info: xKazerux

5 years ago#5
co1onel posted...
PlayStation 3 » Action » Fighting » 2D
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User Info: Snuggles_

5 years ago#6
But, the videos show everyone fighting eachother,

User Info: McFordmanson

5 years ago#7
This isn't a comment, it's more of a reply.
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User Info: DaIamar

5 years ago#8
PielordX posted...
This isn't a forum, Its more of a board.

This is not a lake. It's an ocean.

User Info: Irokou

5 years ago#9
Troll topic.

Moving along....

User Info: TheExiled280

5 years ago#10
now Smash isn't a fighting game?

are the trolls that desperate? also, I look like my father? does that mean I am?

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