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User Info: Harbinger_X

4 years ago#1
So my local Wal-mart is actually selling this right now. Since last night. I almost bought a copy but I don't own a PS3 anymore. Not a working one anyways. BUT, my friend got one not too long ago, and it's been sitting at my house for a month now... So before I dive into google and youtube to find out if $60 is worth the situation, anyone has a simple yae or nay of their own?

I loved melee, had a love-hate relationship with Brawl. (Loved it the game but I ran a couple of epic bugs.

User Info: pdizzles125

4 years ago#2
Eh just wait til tomorrow and get Gamestop's pre order costumes.
November 20th

User Info: Harbinger_X

4 years ago#3
Fair enough. I work every day of the week and I'm off the next 3 days so I was getting antsy on a way to spend my newfound free time. Maybe this is a bad impulse. XD

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