First character you will use???

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User Info: rammtay

5 years ago#21
Sweet tooth all the way, baby!

User Info: TheExiled280

5 years ago#22
"T*ts are life, ass is hometwon" - Kenichiro Takaki (Japanese Video Game Dev)

User Info: big-z13

5 years ago#23
i want to use sweet tooth
Ned psyches will be top demon

User Info: Dragongreen547

5 years ago#24
THAT DRAKE. And after that....I will probably just hit the random button. Because I want to be everyone!
She got it, you got it, I got it, we got it.

User Info: spartan69x2

5 years ago#25
Robust father..... big daddy
big daddy main for psasbr... psn spartan69x2 or roving_big_daddy

User Info: Xerapher

5 years ago#26
Evil Cole, Cole and Raiden
If you desire peace, be prepared for war.
PSN: Xerapher

User Info: _Starbreaker_

5 years ago#27
The first one I used was Sackboy and I haven't stopped playing as him since then. He is exactly my kind of character.

User Info: SuplexKirby

5 years ago#28
Drake, follow by Nariko, then Parappa

User Info: 921sora

5 years ago#29
Cole Macgrath or Spike
Seriously... all of these flames are amusing that it's fun to be trolled nowadays, FLAME MORE EVERYONE! THEY ARE FUN! Official Laguna's Ragnarok Cannon of TGAE!

User Info: Chesser19

5 years ago#30
Definitely be playing arcade mode with Jak. I've been anxiously waiting to try him out for months now.
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  3. First character you will use???

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