Post your planned main [while we download]

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User Info: cincib0i

5 years ago#21
Sir Dan as long as his supers aren't too gimped.

User Info: lucapit

5 years ago#22 i can destroy all dante and raiden users..
"A penny saved is a penny earned".. (brawl code:0302 4058 6830).....( pokemon black:4555 9527 2461) PSN-
mang-ekoo Pokemon platinum (1893 8653 6911)

User Info: Xerapher

5 years ago#23
Primary Main: Evil Cole
Combo Main: Raiden
Defense Main: Good Cole
If you desire peace, be prepared for war.
PSN: Xerapher

User Info: Zidaneski

5 years ago#24
Nariko, Jak, and Radec.

User Info: imjustahumanrl

5 years ago#25
Spike & Nariko without a shadow of a doubt
PSABR has me more excited for its release more than I've ever been with Call of Duty.

User Info: RaidenHero

5 years ago#26
Evil Cole..

User Info: dragonkyn20

5 years ago#27
PSN and gamertag: dragonkyn20
I love it so much, it's now my universal alias.

User Info: StormBlitz

5 years ago#28
Uncharted 2
Elena, Lightning > Tomba, Abe, Ty, Gex, Croc and Vivi

User Info: RevolutionV

5 years ago#29
Drake, Sackboy and Spike

User Info: judgementaeon

5 years ago#30
Dante or Sackboy ^_^
KOF XIV needs to be made already!!! >:o
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  3. Post your planned main [while we download]

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