why are they adding emmet graves?

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  3. why are they adding emmet graves?

User Info: CapnChlamydia

4 years ago#11
My honest opinion is that Starhawk sold terribly and they see this as the last chance to get some interest in the game. Kat, I honestly feel would fit the game perfectly.

User Info: CapnChlamydia

4 years ago#12
Double post, sorry, phone's being weird...

User Info: da1on2

4 years ago#13
People didn't care about Radec when he was announced but look how many people know who he is now and use him.
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#14
At least you can have a Starhawk themed 2v2 team. Emmett and Star Hawk Sweet Tooth. :P

User Info: LukeStrife5

4 years ago#15
Cause he is a cool character and could have a really cool playstyle? Same goes with Kat. I've yet to really get into Gravity Rush (got it for free with Plus) but I was well aware of the game and totally excited to see her worked into this game because...

A. This game names females. Nariko and Raiden aren't enough.

B. The gravity manipulation would be entirely badass.

User Info: sinncross

4 years ago#16
8f9g43k8ku7335p posted...
because he was easy to get

this and I dont care. If they can grab at characters let them do so
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User Info: Joshelplex

4 years ago#17
Emmet is interesting enough. Emmet and Kat or obviously free because they were probably supposed to be in the launch roster and were never finished. The game was originally delayed a month, I'm sure they still hadn't finished and didn't want to bump again. The paid DLC is going to be much more popular characters because that;'s the only way to get people to shell out for them.
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  3. why are they adding emmet graves?

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