Your top 3 future DLC character packs

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User Info: Chicago1986

4 years ago#1
Well Kat and Emmert are the first announced DLC characters. So now I want everyone to post their top 3 character packs. Only two characters per pack.


2.Pyramid Head
2.Issac Clark

3.Agent 47
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User Info: chaoscontrol325

4 years ago#2
I would love the first one. That's basically the only one I need. However, both their licenses belong to Activsion and really, who wants to go up to Activision and say "hey, we'd like to license two of your characters for our game!" I imagine the response being something Dr. Evil would say.
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User Info: bubblemeat

4 years ago#3
1. Laharl (Disgaea)
1. Zidane (FF9)

2. Alucard (Castlevania: SOTN
2. Tomba

3. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
3.Regina (Dino Crisis)
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User Info: Ultimetalhead

4 years ago#4
Uncharted 2/3: [KFC]

User Info: FlameKishin

4 years ago#5
Don't care, as long as someone from Legend of Dragoon gets in

User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#6
1. Cloud
1. Snake

2. Crash
2. Spyro

3. Sora
3. Wander

Edit: I really want Dart to because I know he will probably get in and I know Sora won't but still I want Sora more.
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User Info: Varad

4 years ago#7

Yuri (Shadow Hearts)/Riku

Spyro/Any Valkyrie from Valkyrie Profile

User Info: maiden1993

4 years ago#8
Tomba and Abe. That would be amazing.

Also, a fully clothed "Old Heihachi" costume would be cool. The Diaper is pretty amazing, though.

User Info: vin_zer0

4 years ago#9
1: Cloud/Squall

2: Rayman/Isacc Clark

3: Snake/Liquid

4: Sonic/Gabriel Belmont

User Info: Nik_Nack

4 years ago#10

Snake/Cloud or Lightning

AssCreed rep/Disgaea rep
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