Breaking news: Jack Thompson lashes out at the game, to be third DLC character.

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  3. Breaking news: Jack Thompson lashes out at the game, to be third DLC character.

User Info: PudgeThePudding

4 years ago#1

It has come to no surprise that anti-video game activist jack Thompson would go after Video Games again but the game he chose to after was a surprise among all of us. Jack has chose to target the PS3 game "Playstation All Stars Battle Royale." because he believes that it is trying to make our kids buy violent video games.

Jack Thompson said this to us.

" With a game like this with violent characters such as Kratos, Radec, Sweet Tooth, Raiden, Big Daddy, and Toro I knew this kind of game would be marketed to kids in order to make them buy their M rated products which will turn them into killers." he said.

Head of Superbot, Omar Kendall has this to say.

" Due to Jack Thompsons backlash he will now be a free guest fighter for PSABR coming next year after Kat and Emmett Graves. He will come along with another fourth guest character who will be his rival."

It is currently unknown who Mr. Thompsons rival would be but people suspect that it may be Paul Gale due to the 2011 Walmart incident in which Jack Thompson tried to convert Mr. Gale into an Anti-Video Game activist by destroying Paul's new Xbox 360 right in front of his eyes and stole his beer.

Jack Thompson disappeared from the media shortly after the confirmation that he will be in this game. It is currently unknown where he is.

So.... Jack Thompson vs Paul Gale rivalry confirmed?
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User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#2
LOL funny.
"You're gonna get shown the door, old man."

User Info: haku10

4 years ago#3
"and Toro"


User Info: Haku125

4 years ago#4
Who the hell is jack thompson. Plus making Paul Gale a character would give him all the attention he asked for. I dont want to give him that satisfaction. We just need to forget he existed, let his crappy self centered website die and be on with our lives.
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User Info: eightoneseven

4 years ago#5

User Info: HeroCorruptor66

4 years ago#6
I wish this was true.
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User Info: Gamenamebully

4 years ago#7
Fake. That news story implies that Jack Thompson even had the balls to fight Paul Gale. Everyone knows that part makes it fake. Everything else is believable though.
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User Info: Face_McShooty

4 years ago#8
It is currently unknown where he is.

Ocelot's torture chamber..
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User Info: Cephrien

4 years ago#9
Haha. Oooh Jack Thompson. My senior thesis was on video game controversy and his anti video game activist ways. xD
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  3. Breaking news: Jack Thompson lashes out at the game, to be third DLC character.

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